Jefferson County, AL Home Value Growth 2021

A recent study found that Jefferson county ranked 8 in Alabama for rising home values. Jefferson county continues to be one of Alabama’s most desirable counties to live in. Jefferson county continues to be one of the most dense counties at 674,000 people. Mobile county is a close second at 414k people.

The study by SmartAsset ranked Clarke county, in south Alabama, as the number 1 fastest-rising home value county. Followed by Baldwin county and Mashall county. SmartAsset’s most recent study was to determine which counties get the most value when you consider home value growth, Schools and property tax rate.

Jefferson county continues to rank well across important criteria for the majority of homeowners. Jefferson county has also seen a large influx of commercial and out of state investors flocking to the county. Commercial development is highly correlated with getting the most value from residential home sales.

For the last 5 years Jefferson County has seen price appreciation of 37.66%, which is about 7.5% each year. Shelby county is close behind at 32.8%, about 6.56% each year. These strong numbers are a great sign for future property values in Magic City.

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