Drip coffee in a rustic coffee shop in the morning

A Whole Latte Love In Bham

Blonde, cold brew, iced, steamed. Birmingham has you covered no matter how you prefer your cup of joe. There are plenty of options with over a dozen coffee shops in the city. Feeling overwhelmed? No worries, Bham Realty has prepared a list of our favorites and why you should give them a try.


A shop that is close to our hearts (literally.) This Birmingham gem is located just a block from the Bham Realty office. You can catch us swinging in the doors of revelator on our lunch break or before the work day begins. The large windows allow a ton of natural lighting that adds to Revelator’s light and airy feel. Great coffee, and a lot of space to get your studying and work done.

Red Cat

If you’re hoping to catch a study spot at either one of Red Cat’s locations, you better get a head start. It’s very rare for the Red Cat located in Avondale or near Railroad Park to be empty. It’s truly a Birmingham hotspot. The coffee named after breeds of cats and their delicious homemade pop tarts definitely makes up for the lack of study space. Our favorite time to visit this popular establishment is on Saturdays at Avondale. Located smack in the middle of The Pepper Place Market, nothing better to cool you down than an iced coffee.

Frothy Monkey

Brand new to Birmingham, Frothy Monkey is already a fan favorite. The Nashville and Chattanooga loved shop made its Grand Birmingham appearance on June 29th. Located in the old Urban Standard building on 2nd Ave N, they have a lot to offer. Along with amazing coffee, The Frothy Monkey also serves lunch and dinner dishes. Their large menu includes shrimp & grits, pesto pasta, salmon, and coffee served at all open hours.


One of Birmingham’s oldest and most loved coffee suppliers. 7 locations in the Birmingham area, including one in Samford University’s student center. It’s rare to come across a student that hasn’t had a killer study sesh in one of the shops. Serving cups of coffee since 1993!


Located in the heart of 5 Points South, Filter is loved by many. One of the things that set Filter apart from the others is the seating. Up the stairs of the shop, there’s a room with wooden walls and furniture. The room is set apart from the rest of the shop, allowing a perfectly quiet place. If you’re someone who needs caffeine and silence to grind out some work, Filter is the place to be.


This gas station turned coffee shop is all the buzz in Birmingham. The coffee and pastries in this local shop are amazing. The cafe offers indoor and outdoor seating. On the first Saturday of every month, Seeds collaborates with Hattie B’s Hot Chicken to make delicious chicken biscuits. Better get there early, the line is always out the door.

With so many amazing coffee options in Birmingham, this list was hard to narrow down. If you happen to visit one of these mentioned let us know on our Instagram @bhamrealty. Enjoy your cup of joe!