The Perfect Building Materials for a Custom Home

As the housing market is getting out of control, and it’s impossible to get a home we even like for a reasonable price: many are turning to custom home building. Not only does going custom ensure that every inch of the house is built to your liking, but it also ensures that you can pick the price it’s built at instead of settling for what’s available in your price range on the market.

These are some of the best custom options to consider and why they’re so popular.

Creative Roofing Tiles

The roofing tiles you pick will change not only the color scheme of your home but how well protected it is and how long your roof will last. To create the perfect roof, you should try to find something like slate roof shingles that will last for over fifty years, come in a multitude of colors, and will protect your home from the weather, insects, and rot. If you’re putting this much money into creating a unique vision of a house: you should try to ensure that the property will last as long as possible.

Uniquely Beautiful Windows

No one window is perfect for every home. Your property’s windows should reflect what you want to look at every day. Do you have a gorgeous forest outside? Fantastic city views? A lovely lawn that you want to see more of? Don’t be afraid to be inventive with windows and go for shapes or styles that may not seem like the ordinary look we all expect. This could mean window replacement inserts or windows that open differently than most traditional windows, don’t be afraid to go for new things.

Siding That Stands out

What type of siding do you want to see? Think about the style that interests you, what looks are unique in your area, and what will keep your home safe and well insulated. Like the planning behind finding a good roof that will look great on your property, you should put some serious thought into how your roofing will be perceived. Don’t be afraid to go for more unique looks, like board and batten siding that’s becoming quickly popular; this is your home, and it should be aesthetically pleasing for you.

It’s a solid idea to ensure that this siding is well-made, though, and strong enough to handle the temperature and weather fluctuations in your area. Although you may like the look of natural wood siding, it can quickly rot and allow insects and moisture into your home. It’s okay to be picky.

Wood or Metal That Matches

One good sign of a well-made home is that the features throughout it match and make sense. For example, if you have beautiful bronze throughout your home, you should continue that in details like your windows, fireplace, and knobs and handles. Allowing this natural progression of finishes to match your home ensures that it feels like one unit and is attractive in a timeless way. The same is true with wood colors and finishes! Keeping your house from clashing room to room will allow it to age gracefully even sixty years down the line.

Floors That Last

Speaking of longevity: floors are an investment that can change how you feel about your home in a manner of years. You can use natural wood, but it will eventually scratch, dent, and deteriorate and need to be refinished. A better option is faux wood floors, which last longer. Newer faux wood looks like the real thing while also giving you the chance to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible and keeps its iconic look. You can still get it in a range of hues and shades, but this will save you money and protect you from regretting your choice any time soon.

Natural Lighting to Make Spaces Larger

Natural lighting is as important to a home for aesthetics as it is for the eco-friendly lighting it offers. Although you can have unique and custom windows: try to find as many ways to allow natural lighting in as possible. This will ensure that you don’t have to have your lights on during the daytime to make a space beautiful and that your home will feel connected to the outdoors without having to have an entire wall missing. Large windows also allow for rooms and areas to feel larger than they would otherwise, which will be fantastic for your decor and increase your home’s selling value.

Make Your Home Into A Piece of Art

Your home, however you make it, should feel like art that you can live in. This space should make you feel comfortable and relaxed while also giving you the chance to show off your great design taste to whomever visits. This is your home, and it’s not a bad thing to let yourself take pride in it!

Max Shafer is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise on real estate. He lives in Land O’ Lakes, Florida where he enjoys spending time with his wife and researching real estate trends in his free time. Max’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in Fall 2022.